Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This = a HEADACHE!!!!

I had a big headache yesterday, and I think I know why...... STRESSSSSSS

1. We have 4 more sales to get to make this whole summer sales thing to even be worth it and we have 3 or 4 days to do it in....

2. Once we leave, this Saturday, we have to make the 23 hour drive and get there by Sunday night which means that there is no stop to rest... We have to drive the whole way there! When we made the trip here, we stopped in a hotel for a night and got some proper rest, this time we can't! We have to be there by Sunday night because Josh starts school bright and early Monday morning.

3. The house we are moving into still have people in it, which was not going to be a problem cause they were going to move out in time for the carpets to be cleaned and then for us to move in, but last night I found out that the people were not going to be moving out till September 1st, and that is Tuesday, 2 days after we move to Provo.... and then on top of that, our landlord said he was going to be replacing the carpet (which is a good thing, yay!) but that is going to take longer then cleaning the carpets.... so the people will be moving out Tuesday and then carpets will be replaced starting Tuesday and who knows how long that is going to take...... SOOO... Josh and I are going to be homeless for about a week or so.... FUN FUN FUN

4. The entire house is not furnished, which is fine because we have everything we need, but it is in a storage unit in Spanish Fork, and If all of it is not out by the 9th of the month, we will have to pay another month of storage... and I am afraid that we wont even be in the house by the 9th.... and we can't afford to be spending another 65 bucks!!!

5. Josh and I need to find jobs once we get back into Provo... nuff said there.....

6. Once we get into our cute lil house, I am going to be the one setting up the entire house by myself cause josh will be in school and have a parade of HW already.... :/

7. On top of all of this, I am throwing a baby shower for one of my close friends, which is awesome, I am really excited to, but it is a lot of hard work... ya know?

8. AND on top of all that, I am really wanting to go visit one of my other really close friends, Channing, who just had a cute lil baby!!! She lives in the Burg though and I don't know if i am going to have time with everything that is going on already in my life!!!

9. All of this stuff is going to be happening in a 2 week period (except for 7 and 8).....

fak; drsjah ;kjgha ekjg haekjfae' glh'erkgjhaq'!!!!!!!!!!!


Solutions to most of my problems!!! YAYAYAYAY!

1. Josh got 2 sales yesterday and so now we only have to get 2 more!!! YAYAY!

2. If josh gets 2 more within 2 days, we can leave earlier and not be so rushed! YAYAY!!

3. I finally got a hold of both my landlord and the people living in our house now, and they are seeing what they can do about moving out earlier. YAYAY and I already made arrangements for both Josh and I to stay at friend's houses. I will stay with my sister, Raechel, and Josh will stay with his friend Jimmy. We won't be together, which is sad, but it will be fun for us to spend time with friends and family! YAYAY

4. I called the storage unit and explained our situation and the said that they prorate. YAYAY!!!

5. Finding a job is still going to be stressful, But both Josh and I have a few things lined up for when we get there, hopefully they work out...

6. I will have 2 lil helpers to help me get my house organized, my sister, Raechel, and her girlfriend, Lily. I just called and asked them to help and they said, duh..... YAYAY!!!

7. I am still throwing a baby shower which will be a lot of fun, and I have my sister and Lily to help me with it, and it does not seem as stressful cause everything else is ok! YAYAY!!!

8. I still want to visit Channing and her lil family, and that is still a work in progress... Does anyone wanna carpool?? haha

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creepy Crawlers NOT WELCOME!

Here in Indiana, there are creepy crawlers EVERYWHERE! I hate it, they have made me crazy! I randomly find beetles in my laundry, my kitchen floor, in my closet, etc. Josh and I were watching a movie the other night and he felt something brushing against his arm... a millipede... yeah, don't worry, they ARE poisonous... He jumped up real quick and I flipped out, I hate creepy crawlers! Oh, we have spiders everywhere... I HATE HATE HATE spiders. I have arachnophobia. (((It all started in 7th grade, I had a sleep over at my friend's house and we slept in her (under construction) gazebo and I woke up in the morning to her tickling my arm, I told her to stop... and she answered on the other side of the gazebo, "what are you talking about..." I looked at my arm where I was 'being ticked', and it was not her innocent fingers, it was a HUGE Tarantula wolf spider... I brushed it off of me, it landed at the end of my sleeping bag, and then it started bouncing back up towards me... I about peed my pants. Ever since then, I have such a fear of spiders...))) But anyways, there are these Jumping spiders here, and they always seem to make an appearance when Josh is not home... NOT COOL! So I have created this habit, whenever I am walking in the dark, which I try not to do at all, when I turn on the light, the first thing I do is look down at my feet to make sure there are no spiders, millipedes, beetles, etc... My feet look like this... I have my toes up and everything---JUST-IN-CASE---. And when I say my prayers at night, I kneel on the bed now... I am so paranoid.... I CAN'T WAIT TO GET TO UTAH!!! 8 more days!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So I guess I forgot about this until I saw someone post something about their blogs... sorry blog...
Well, Josh and I are almost done here in Indianapolis, whew! It really was a great experience but we will defiantly never do this again. We can't anyways, Josh has to do an internship next summer. That's something else we soon have to worry about in and of itself....
My hair is growing out, YAY! When I got it cut last year (yes, 2 or 3 months before my wedding....) I was happy at first and then like a week or 2 went by and I was sooo upset. I think it really hit me when Josh saw it for the first time.... his eyes said it all. It's not like he didn't like it, it was just... different. BUT now it is getting long, woo hoo! so everyone reading this, do
NOT let me cut my hair short, EVERRRRRR! hahaah.
What else?? Oh, I am so ready to get back to school, I miss cutting and coloring hair, deep conditions, etc... idk, it's my passion and I have been away too long! The break was great, but I wish it could have been shorter. I am also looking for a part time job.. seems impossible to find one, at least through craiglist cause like everything is a freaking scam! makes me so mad that that's how people try and make money... to just rip people off via Internet.... hey, maybe I should do that.... how do I get started! Haha! JK!
Josh is getting back to school too, he made it into his program!! He got his acceptance in like May, so we have known for a while. He is looking to get a job with his friend Tyler who works with computers to improve his resume. I am hoping that they are still hiring when we get back in 2 weeks!
We decided that we are going to go on a cruise this December! We are going to with a few of our friends, Josh's missionary friends! We are going to go to Mexico, not Ensenada.... haha, that was great for a honeymoon, but now we are more interested in the sights then... other things. :) The cruise is week long and we are really excited.
The home we are moving into is nice! 2 bed, 1 bath, kitchen, and living room. It has a bigger kitchen and bigger front room then our last house. The bed rooms are a tad smaller, but it's ok. Not by much, not a big deal. It's in the same ward as our last (that was a BIG seller point for us!!)
I'm pretty sure that is about it as far as anything new or any of our recent activities.... We are taking pictures professionally very soon, I will upload them as soon as I figure out how.....