Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paul Mitchell The School

I am in beauty school at Paul Michell. I love it soo much!! I have been obsessed with hair for as long as I can remember... My sister can testify to that, I used to make her some into my room and I would do her hair in a lot of different styles. So, needless to say, I am in the right place.

I am doing day school, Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm, so it is going to take me 2 years to complete!! I want to graduate faster, so I am going to try and sub for as many people as i can on Fridays and Saturdays!

I will keep you updated on all the different things that I do!! I am going to take pictures and then post them on here!!

Married Provo, not Single Provo

Well, I am married, that is no secret. Life is great being married, we are still trying to get used to it, but it is good change! I love being married to my best friend. This is the happiest time of my life!

There are a lot of good things about being married, but some things that I never expected. Most of my old friends just stoped talking to me, as if I died or something... like, BOOM, you are married, sorry, you are not allowed to have contact with the single people... it is forbidden... :( I miss my friends. Brooke is about the only person that talks to me, and it is not every day that we talk.

Provo is a whole different place when you are married. No more parties, no more racing the cute guy in the car next to you, no more girls night out, cause all they want to do is go see boys... thats awkward... It is very different. I know that I sound like I am complaining, but I'm not. I love being married, I would not trade it for the world. I just think that Provo is a place for single people. Soon as I get used to being married more, I think that I will like it more. I better get used to it, cause I am going to be here for another 3 years... woot woot...