Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paul Mitchell The School

Paul Mitchell The School

I finally was reunited with my beautiful school, Paul Mitchell!! I took a 5 ½ month leave! I finally got back and I bounced right into it again!! I didn’t realize how much I missed school and loved doing hair until I was gone; I never want to stop
doing it again!!!
! Here is

some of my work since I have been back!!
I did a photo shoot with Sarah, this beautiful girl that is in my ward. The theme was Halloween but not mandatory so I didn’t do the Halloween theme. I did a fall theme instead, there is only a few weeks, if that, in the whole year that the leaves are red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc… and I figured that I would be done with school by time the leaves were like this next fall, so I did a fall theme with real leaves and I did Sarah’s hair in curls and her makeup classic, almost Marilyn Monroe style and with a net coming down over the face. The leaves were supposed to look like and act as if a hat and then the net came from the back of it. Anyways, here is the picture and let me know what you think!!! It was my first photo shoot of my work! BTW, this is just the picture taken from my camera phone, it's not the professional picture. That wont come out for another 4 to 6 weeks

Our new little home sweet home!!!

Well, is has been a couple months, and we finally got internet today at our house (2 months without it, I had to go to the BYU Library to go on the internet…) but now that it is conveniently in our little home, I can finally BLOG!! Yay!

It was not the easiest move in the world…

We had our contract start the 1st of August which was great that we had a place for sure, but it was a month earlier then when we needed. But then we got a call from Justin, the couple that was living in our house before us. He called and asked when we were planning on moving in and wondered if they could stay till the 15th of August and pay ½ the rent, we said SURE!! They said great, thank you so much and we will be out by the 15th! We didn’t hear from them until the 16th of august. We got a text message saying, “Hey, we were planning on moving out on the 15th but now we need to stay till the end of the month. I text him back and said, “Well, you really need to be out by the 25th at the latest. Brandon (the landlord) said that he would be replacing the carpet and cleaning it up a bit and he needs at least that long to do it.” Justin said back, “Yeah, that’s not going to be a problem. I will text you then and tell you where we hid the key.” And I said thanks back.

Well, the 25t comes and goes and we didn’t hear from him. The 25th was a Tuesday and we were leaving that Saturday, so I finally text him on Thursday night and said, “Hey, you forgot to tell us where you hid the keys.” And he text back saying, “Oh, yeah… I forgot to tell you… we actually decided to stay till the 2nd (of September).” When I got that text, I thought it was a joke… I was like whattt…? So I text him back and said, “I’m sorry, but you really need to move out. We will be to Utah Saturday night and with everything Brandon (the landlord) is doing to the house, it is going to take a while and if you don’t move out today, we will be homeless for a week! We need you to move out asap.” He text me back and said the rudest thing! He said, “I thought you summer sales people would be rollin in it and staying in the Ritz. We have lived in this house for 2 plus years now and we will leave when we want to.” Ohhhh boy when I read that I wanted to text him a punch in the face… but I don’t like drama and I try to be drama free, so I text him back and said, “Actually we didn’t do as well as we hoped so no rolling for us, and as far as leaving… you need to leave. We have a contract. I expect you out by tomorrow.” Of course he didn’t text back. I called and text him on Friday and all Saturday morning and no answer… So I finally called Brandon (the landlord) and told him the situation. Brandon text me about an hour or so after and said they were out. Hallelujah!!! (little did we know that they TRASHED the place, cause they are mature like that!)

Yes, they trashed the place. We got into Provo Sunday night, I stayed with my sister and Josh stayed with his friend. The next day was school for Josh and it was move in day for me. I called my landlord and asked when we would be able to move in and he said well, the door is open and you might want to go take a look at it. So I went over and yeah… there was shredded paper all over the front room, they spilt something sticky on the kitchen floor, nothing was vacuumed, mopped, cleaned, etc. there was sour milk and rotten veggies in the fridge, the entire freezer was iced over… I think that they put a bunch of water in it. There were 3 or 4 burnt chicken nuggets or some kind of meat in the oven on the bottom, the bathroom had mold all over the ceiling, and there were a few dirty boxers in a vent. And because of all this, the landlord did not have time to replace the carpet… the greasy pink carpet with brown stains and a smell of dog pee to it (the last people had a dog). That was just the inside… the outside of the house was just as bad. Weeds up to my hips, no joke, there was a huge water leak in the front yard which created a little mini swamp, dead grass, and the trash can was full and over flowing… blah, so depressing.

What we did to fix it all; candles almost 24/7, major house cleaning, watered the ‘dirt’ as my sister called it (but now it is grass, (YAY!), finally got the carpet replaced 2 weeks ago, repainted the hall way white (it was really damaged and off color), and yep… made it a home. :)

So needless to say... it was definitely something that was a long hard process but we finally have it all done and SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Changing the carpet was the 1 thing that totally turned the house from miserable to amazing!! I will put pictures up as soon as I have them!!