Saturday, September 3, 2011

Job offers = moving out of Utah = Moving to Glendale,CA BABY!!

Josh got a job offer last summer with the company he had interned for; Ernst & Young in LA. We actually had a choice between the LA office and the Irvine office. We decided on LA for a few reasons;
1. Josh has more opportunities in the LA office verses the Irvine office,
2. I have a better chance succeeding as a hair stylist in LA, more opportunities as well for my career,
and 3. LA is awesome!

We graduated in April, stayed in Utah for the summer working full time, and then almost 4 weeks ago, we moved to Glendale, CA! Josh, Bear, and I absolutely love it here in Glendale! We are living in a 1 bedroom tiny apartment, but we all love it so much. Our last house was great at first, but with our landlord not willing to fix things, and he eventually got the house foreclosed and lost it to the bank, it was definitely about time we were OUTTA THERE. Plus there was no dishwasher, no air conditioning, no ventilation which meant that we had to leave the heater running a lot of the time so we could keep our teeth from chattering! That lead to extremely high bills, and lets not even get into our basement neighbors!!! Uhhh!!! Oh, and IDK if you know, but I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders. Just ask Josh, or my sister, Raechel. Anyways, our house was the place to be if you were a freakin spider! I'm pretty sure I had a few mini heart attackes just from spider incidents in that house, like the one time I woke up and got out of bed, and there was a spider exactly where I was just laying were... Um... Yeah, I hyperventilated...
Anyways, back to my point, I am very happy with my new apartment. There is no washer and dryer inside the apartment, but we have them literally right next to us, which is nice, we don't have to deal with them heating up the entire house, and we have that much more room here in the house. New carpets, new appliances, modern feel, we have AC, hallelujah!! Plus, I have not seen a single spider inside the house yet. There are, however some pretty huge freakin spiders outside, but as long as they are not secretly stalking me inside my home like the last ones were, I'm ok!
I will add some awesome pictures of the apartment tomorrow morning. :)

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