Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Josh and I decided sometime last year that we were going to go to Hawaii when we graduated college. It seems like a far away dream, but luckily, time took it's course, and vwa-la; HAWAII!!!

We went in the middle of May for 10 days to Oahu! There is really nothing else to say, it's obvious it was amazing... I mean duh, it was HAWAII!!

LDS Temple in Hawaii!

Chinaman's Hat

The names of all the soldiers that dies on the USS AZ

Part of the USS AZ is out of the water

The monument that is over the USS AZ

Touring on the USS MO! Self Timer!!


Beach front breakfast! It was so bright though, it wouldn't show in any pic we tried!!

A different shot!

On the top of the Diamond Head State Monument


Couple picture exchange; "I'll take your picture if you take ours!" haha!

Josh let me do his hair one night... hasn't let me do it since.... hahaaha!

At the PCC

Front row!

They taught us how to make fun stuff out of long grass ( I think that's what it was?)

At the PCC!

Front row at the dinner

Free ice cream at the Night Show!

Snorkeling! Be jealous!

Out to dinner!

The most famous dead tree in all of Hawaii!

Awkward pose!


Beautiful views!

Beautiful views

Jungle Expedition!



Doing the pineapple hula!


Wild Turtles!

I was sooo close to them! You by law are not allowed to touch them, $5000 fine!

I thought this was the coolest "graffiti" Look at the China Man

under the hat! Haha!

Look at the creeper in the background!!


Beautiful Flower

Beautiful views!


Love the views

I spy a Joshua

These trees were awesome!

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